Instructions for translating my (and others) Qt programs

To notice

bild 1
Space appears as a small point. NOTE! Sometimes the sentence can begin with a space.
Line breaks appear like the little crumbling at the end of the sentence.

Send your translation to

Here the wizard starts

bild 1
Download the file to translate and
the translation program (Linux or Windows).
bild 2
Unpack the compressed files.
bild 3
Click the linguist file to start.
If you use linux, the file may
need to be executable. "chmod +x linguist".
bild 4
Select "File", "Open ..." and select the file you want to translate. (* .xx_XX.ts)
bild 5
Here you choose to translate from one language to another language.
bild 6
Source language is Englis and country is United States. In any case, that's what I hope.
Excuse my bad English! Then select the language and country / region to translate to.
bild 7
You select the phrase you want to translate and enter the translation.
bild 8
When done, select "Save" and "Release" on the File menu.
bild 9
A new file with the extension * .qm appears. Send the file * .xx_XX.ts to me,
and I can include it in my application!