Instructions for translating my (and others) Qt programs

The purpose of this project is to offer the opportunity to translate programs
created in the Qt development environment without having to download and install the entire Qt IDE.

To notice

bild 1
Space appears as a small point. NOTE! Sometimes the sentence can begin with a space.
Line breaks appear like the little newline sign at the end of the sentence.

Send your translation to

Here the wizard starts

Instructions for Windows users
bild 1
Download the file to translate and
the translation program (Windows)
Double-click to start the installation.
An icon appears on the start menu after the installation is complete.
More info and download
Visual C++ Redistributable MSVC++ 2017 may be required for the Windows version.
VC_redist.x64.exe (From Microsoft, 14.5 MB)
Instructions for Linux users
bild 2
Download the file to translate and
the translation program (Linux)
More info and download
bild 3
You must make the file executable.
"Right-click", select "Properties", "Permissions" and "Allow this file to run as a program".
It may look a little different in different desktop environments.
Watch how.
Or you can write chmod +x linguist-x86_64.AppImage in a terminal.
Double-click to start the program.
Instructions for all users
bild 4
Select "File", "Open ..." and select the file you want to translate. (* .xx_XX.ts)
bild 5
Here you choose to translate from one language to another language.
bild 6
Source language is Englis and country is United States.
Then select the language and country / region to translate to.
bild 7
You select the phrase you want to translate and enter the translation.
When you are satisfied with the translation, click on the green question mark '?',
which turns into a yellow checker.
bild 8
When done, select "Save" and "Release" on the "File" menu.
bild 9
A new file with the extension * .qm appears. Send the file * .xx_XX.ts to me,
and I can include it in my application!